Time Walk with Jeri Jones, Geologist

Volume I, The Geology of York County

Take a tour of York County through the eyes of a geologist. Walk on a layer of sandstone that dates back to 200 million years ago, or examine a fault that may have produced an earthquake. Not many people realize that York County did have volcanoes some 800 million years ago, but Jeri will examine these and other highlights.
1995, 20 minutes

Volume II, The Delta Story

Jeri Jones explores Delta, Pennsylvania, the town that slate built. Delta, a small town on the Mason-Dixon line of Pennsylvania and Maryland, contains a rich heritage of a mining era that reaches back to the late 1700's. Judged as the best slate in the world in 1850, the Peach Bottom Slate has been used worldwide as a building stone. Today, some 17 abandoned quarries are still visible along "Slate Ridge." The area residents take pride in sharing their rich heritage as reflected in this video.
1996, 20 minutes

Volume III, Triassic Park

Jeri Jones investigates the evidence of dinosaurs' existence that were found in the last 170 years in York and Adams Counties. See footprints and tracks of several species that roamed through northern York and Adams Counties 208 million years ago. The key sites are visited with interviews from property owners, Dr. Roger Cuffrey State Museum.
2000, 20 minutes

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